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Hannah and Naomi, the oldest of six siblings, are working with their Mom, Melinda, to create various high quality products right from home.  Many of our product ideas have simply grown out of projects and hobbies we’ve embarked on as a family, and for which we’ve discovered a real passion.  We love to make things from scratch, be creative and learn as we go.  As a Christian family, we decided to launch this business as a means to glorify the Lord in the sense that it is teaching us stewardship, attention to detail and quality, hard work, perseverance (Hannah pulls her hair out when she makes a mistake with ink and has to start over), and a focus on His Word.

We chose the name “The Alabaster Box”, because of the beautiful event chronicled in Matthew 26 of the woman who, in perceiving the surpassing worth of the Lord Jesus, poured out the best that she had as a sign of worship, thanks and praise.  After all, in the purchase of our souls,  the Lord so willingly poured out His all for us – and we are so very, very thankful!

You can keep up with what we’re doing by checking out our blogand Etsy shop.

We hope you like what we’re up to, and we look forward to serving you.




Our Process

Custom Orders

Specifically around our Pen & Ink products, if you’d like to get a custom order, it’s pretty simple.  After we get a note from you, we take the following steps:

    • We’ll call or email you to get specifics arounds the Scripture or quote you like, and why (“why” because this helps us with the nature of the look-and-feel)
    • Who is this going to be for? (a gift for a husband, wife, family member, co-worker, etc?  This also helps determine special touches)
    • What kind of frame you like, as well as the size?
    • Any special requests you might have
    • We agree on the price and get to work
    • We present the design via email (with close-ups)
    • We get your approval and ship!

If you’d like a custom order, just Contact Us